Cara-Sel Salted Caramel

Cara-Sel Salted Caramel

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A six-ounce jar of Cara-Sel gives you enough to make many delightful dishes, perhaps with a spoonful or two extra for you to enjoy. 

What’s all the fuss about Cara-Sel?

When people ask me why Cara-Sel caramel is so darn good, Kristin likes to tell them she likes to flirt with danger. 

What she means is that she takes the melted sugar well past the color of copper. It’s toward the edge of being too dark (almost burnt, but not!) until the moment the luxuriously rich dairy comes into play. 

Making this dangerously dark caramel is worth it because you can taste it in the sauce. It adds a bittersweet complexity you can’t get from lab-made “flavorings.” Speaking of which, there aren’t any. No preservatives either. Just some sea salt and vanilla to elevate the flavors. 

And that’s just five wholesome ingredients total. 

How do you use Cara-Sel? 

How can’t you use it! Add it to so many dishes and not just desserts! 

  • Drizzle it over toast with ricotta or swirl it into oatmeal. 

  • Dip a slice of bacon in it. (We love this idea from a fan!). 

  • Use it instead of melted marshmallow in Rice Krispie treats. 

  • Swap it for sugar, honey, or maple syrup in savory recipes that call for a little bit of sugar, like some soups and dressings. 

  • Stir it into your coffee or hot chocolate. 

  • Eat it straight off the spoon, of course!

For more ideas, check out my recipes here.

A note about the texture

Some people are surprised that the caramel doesn’t pour out from the jar at room temperature. It’s the thicker texture that helps it maintain its long shelf life without any preservatives. 

At a cool room temperature, it’s gorgeously fudgy and ready as a dip for your pretzels, apples, or simply, your spoon. 

In the fridge, it becomes more firm and sticky, and in summer temperatures or when it’s warmed, you can drizzle and pour it more easily. 

If you like the sauce over ice cream, we always recommend adding a splash of milk or cream so it stays flowy when it hits the cold dessert. 

Storage suggestions

Cara-Sel does not contain any artificial preservatives. The shelf life before opening is at least one year. It is best stored out of direct sunlight and away from high temps. Once opened, it could last for months in your refrigerator...but we have yet to meet anyone with that kind of willpower. 

Allergy and nutrition info

Cara-Sel is made in a facility that also processes foods containing tree nuts, peanuts, eggs, soy, and wheat. See the nutrition panel here.