Tea Tree + Mint with French Green Clay Soap

Tea Tree + Mint with French Green Clay Soap

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A cooling facial and body bar formulated to clarify and moisturize normal or combination skin. French green clay absorbs and washes away excess oil and impurities, while peppermint leaves and poppy seeds physically exfoliate the skin. Antimicrobial tea tree and peppermint oils help to clear blemishes and offer a naturally calming, refreshing scent. Rich shea butter helps skin to retain moisture and avoid feeling dry. This particular soap is Palermo Founder Jess' favorite and the first bar of soap she ever made—the one that started it all.

Product Benefits

  • Rich creamy lather for a luxurious cleanse.
  • A non-stripping cleanser for face and body.
  • Satisfying exfoliation for an invigorating polish.
  • Cooling scent of tea tree and peppermint essential oils.
  • Palermo's cold-process soap method naturally produces glycerin, which allows skin to absorb moisture more readily.

Selling Tips

  • Skin Type: Normal or combination skin.
  • This bar is great for folks with combination-oily or blemish prone skin.
  • The essential oils are cooling and active and the green clay targets impurities while the poppy seeds make this bar a great exfoliant.
  • All 5 of our soaps are formulated for all skin types as both facial and body bars.

Selling Tips

  • Skin Type: Sensitive or dry skin.
  • Lavender and Clary Sage essential oils provide a soothing calm to any bath, shower, or sink. The white clay helps produce a rich and creamy lather and the lavender buds gently exfoliate.
  • Formulated for all skin types as both facial and body bars.
  • Unlike conventional soaps, which leave your skin feeling “squeaky” and paper-dry post-shower, our natural cold-processed soaps are superfatted with additional nourishing oils and provide your skin with glycerine which retains and preserves moisture. 
  • Keep the box for travel purposes! The box stays sturdy even with a damp bar.  


saponified olive, coconut*, sustainable palm*, and castor oils; shea butter*, white kaolin clay, lavender flowers*, lavender oil, clary sage oil


Palermo Body takes great care to ensure that their products are made with only high-quality, sustainable natural ingredients.  Only pure ingredients that are minimally processed are used.  These pure ingredients remain close to their natural form--retaining as many of their natural benefits as possible. All of the ingredients are sourced from vendors who harvest responsibly and demonstrate consistent environmental, ethical, and social sustainability. 

All ingredients are vegan and gluten-free, and are organic and wild harvested whenever possible.  The non-organic ingredients are sourced with care and consideration of their origin and environmental regulations in the regions they are grown.  The non-organic ingredients are held to our same high standard, and always meet or exceed the quality and purity standards of our organic ingredients.

In addition to quality and sustainability, no fillers, additives, or artificial preservatives are ever used at Palermo Body.


Q: Can I use this on my face?
Yes! All Palermo Body soaps are designed to be facial and body bars.

Q: What skin types is this for?
A: All Palermo soaps are gentle enough for all skin types. The Lavender + Sage soap was designed for dry or sensitive skin.