Blue + White Hand-thrown Cortado Cup

Blue + White Hand-thrown Cortado Cup

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Each cup is handmade and has a cylindrical shape. The cup is wheel-thrown, glazed, and fired in the Spinware studio. After the cup is fired, the clay is polished to create a nice smooth surface for a velvety soft feel in your hands. Due to a clay shrinkage and the nature of handmade process, the cups may vary in size, color, and thickness of the rim/handle. 

Approximate Dimensions: 2. 5"H x 2.75"W (in diameter)

Approximate Volume: 4.5-5.5 oz

Color: Blue-Grey/White Speckle

The photos show a representative sample of our cups, their size, and glaze but do not capture all variations in each individual cup. All our products are microwave and dishwasher.