Sterling Silver Rectangle Talisman

Sterling Silver Rectangle Talisman

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The perfect piece either worn alone or layered.

Drawing inspiration from the natural world, RiverSong jewelry evokes the essence of the earth. As a dreamer and a traveler, River partners with artists in Turkey, India and Mexico. She ethically sources fine gemstones and antique relics that echo their native lands and cultures. 

Made in an enduring partnership with two Turkish metalsmiths, each Talisman is hand-stamped imparting cultural wisdom and longevity.  

This Amulet is intended to become part of the wearer and form a time-worn patina.  This talisman is symbolic of world citizenry, happy travel and the joys of discovery.  Wear for personal protection, health, and good fortune.

Brushed Sterling Silver Rectangle Talisman - 16" Brown Nylon