Chile Bourbon Cocktail Cherries

Chile Bourbon Cocktail Cherries

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Just when you thought that our Bourbon Cocktail Cherries couldn't get any better, these cherries have all the sweetness and richness of the original Bourbon Cocktail Cherries plus a kick of spice. After some experimenting RC paired Guajillo Chiles, which have a medium heat with bright undertones of citrus and pine, with Habanero Peppers, which are pure heat with tropical hints and rounded out with the fiery smoke and citrus heat of Chile Pequin. Together these fiery and fruity peppers are the perfect compliment to our sweet, tart and oaky bourbon soaked cherries.

• Made in United States

Good Food Award Winner 2023

Made With: *Sour Cherries, *cane sugar, Laws Whiskey, *lemon juice, *beet juice, vanilla extract, cardamom, guajillo chiles, habanero peppers, chile pequin, cherry extract. *ORGANIC Pairs well with: Mezcal (Oaxacan Old Fashioned), tequila, poured over chocolate ice cream Good Food Finalist 2023