Aqua A - Retinoid Renewing Serum
Aqua A - Retinoid Renewing Serum
Aqua A - Retinoid Renewing Serum

Aqua A - Retinoid Renewing Serum

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Recommended for all skin types

A transformative renewal serum that blends powerful skincare actives with nourishing botanicals to boost clarity and breathe youthful vitality into the skin.

Formulated with low-irritation HPR retinoids, Aqua A gently promotes cellular turnover to help clear breakouts and smooth fine lines, giving the complexion a lit-from-within glow.

Plumping ceramides strengthen the skin barrier and improve elasticity, while its potent cocktail of botanical antioxidants and marine superfoods revitalize, tone and protect. 

Apply 1 full pump to clean, dry face / neck / décolletage.  Use in PM followed by your favorite moisturizer.  As always, use sunscreen when using retinoid products as retinoid products may increase your sensitivity to the sun.

Aqua A is formulated with HPR retinoid — a gentle, effective form of Vitamin A that is more bioavailable and less irritating than previous generations of topical retinoids. HPR retinoid, or hydroxypinacolone retinoate (HPR) is a unique derivative of retinoic acid. Unlike retinol, which requires many steps to convert into retinoic acid, HPR works directly in the skin — minimizing side effects like inflammation, redness, discomfort and sensitivity.

Can you exfoliate while using Aqua A?  The short answer is yes — but this will vary depending on your individual skin type. When beginning to use Aqua, we recommend exfoliating on the days that you are not using Aqua A. 

For best results, it's recommended to use Vitamin C products in the AM and your Aqua A in the PM. 

What exactly does Aqua A do?

-Reduces fine lines and wrinkles while slowing new wrinkle development

-Improves breakouts, reduces pore size and promotes clarity

-Helps increase collagen and elastin for greater skin suppleness 

-Helps fade hyperpigmentation and dark spots

-Plumps skin and boosts hydration 

-Improves skin’s overall texture and radiance

Little to no irritation should occur when using Aqua A. If you are new to a retinoid, we recommend using it every other night for the first few weeks to see how your skin acclimates before building up to daily use. If you have very sensitive skin, you can try the buffering technique by applying a lightweight oil to the skin before applying Aqua A. Aloha Ambrosia is the perfect oil to use if you want to try this technique; she is lighter than our other beauty oils and provides the ideal layer of moisture. The sequence would then be to cleanse, tone, let the skin dry, and apply your Aloha Ambrosia first, followed by Aqua A.

Aqua A contains three gorgeous blue botanicals that give it its unique color: Blue Spirulina, Blue Tansy, and Rainforest Blue Essential Oil. Each individual ingredient has its own unique skin benefits