The Body Travel Pouch - For Dry Skin

The Body Travel Pouch - For Dry Skin

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 Introducing The Body Travel Pouch for all skin types - the perfect skincare gift set for the body. Designed for individuals on the go, these luxury skincare samples are ideal for anyone looking to try out thishandcrafted range of products. This bath and body collection is designed to clean, exfoliate, repair and nourish your skin while protecting its pH balance. 

30ml Altitude Wash
30ml Skin Restore Herbal Body Oil
15ml Shea Mineral Salt Nourishing Body Scrub

Recommended for all skin types.
Use Altitude Wash when showering or bathing to cleanse skin. For best results, apply Skin Restore to damp skin.
Massage Shea Mineral Salt into dry skin before rinsing for an intense exfoliation. For a milder skin exfoliation, apply to wet skin. Rinse to dissolve the salt and pat dry.

Helps restore skin damage, Rejuvenating, Nourishing, Soothing, Calming

iSun collaborated with House of Good People to create custom linen pouches. This beautiful organization creates sustainable products with a mission to uplift women in need. Their goal is to promote good craftsmanship, tradition and sustainability throughout their operations and contribute to making trade meaningful. They aim to provide opportunities for women to learn, work, earn their own money, and send their children to school. They create unique opportunities for individuals to provide for themselves and their families in ways that bring them joy.