Rose Quartz Body Oil

Rose Quartz Body Oil

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A rose quartz gemstone sits within this elevating body elixir, emitting vibrations of love, joy, and abundance. Passionfruit oil, rosehip seed, and goji berry extracts magnify this crystal's energy whilst herb-infused grapeseed oil replenishes hydration and suppleness. Citrus and floral essential oils ignite the senses and uplift.

Rose quartz is connected to the heart chakra and may support the physical heart and circulatory system. It links the heart to the earth, projecting an awareness of grounding and universal love.

Ayurveda balancing Dosha: Tridosha


Apply all over the body as a moisturizer, or use for massage oil. May also simply be applied to energy points on the body.


Herb-infused grapeseed oil, Passion fruit oil, Rosehip seed extract, Goji berry extract, Citrus & floral essential oils, Embedded rose quartz crystal.

Allergy Alert: Contains Citrus essential oils.

Storage: Preserve product integrity by keeping out of sunlight and storing in a cool, dry place.

Suitable for vegans. Gluten-free. Non-Toxic.