Lavender + Petals Candle - Keap Candles

Lavender + Petals Candle - Keap Candles

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A wander through floral fields blends aromatic lavender with soft, delicate florals, creating a dewy bouquet.

Perfect for a calm moment to yourself, and getting away from it all.


“I was in Grasse, the home of perfumery, in the south of France. The town is nestled up on the side of a hill. We found a cafe, ordered a coffee, and peered out at the land laid below us. The land was a patchwork of lilacs, purples, mauves, and greens. Floral fields as far as you could see.”

“For someone who swoons at the scent of fresh flowers. This smells exactly like you’re walking through a field of lavender with your nose buried in a bouquet of peonies (we’d imagine)”
— The New York Times


Lavender, Neroli, Mimosa, Gardenia, and Vetiver